Who can benefit from the services provided by Evergreen Behavioral Intervention for Children (BIC)?

Evergreen BIC works with children who are experiencing behavioral, social, or emotional difficulties in school, at home, or in the community.

How do I know if my child is in need of Evergreen BIC's services?

If your child's behaviors or emotions are a cause for concern and seem to prevent them from reaching their potential, you might consider an initial assessment evaluation to determine the usefulness of Evergreen BIC’s services.  You might also be recommended to contact Evergreen BIC by your child's classroom teacher, guidance counselor, family doctor, or pediatrician.  Some of the difficulties that children may face include:

  • Hyperactivity;
  • Impulsivity (acting before thinking);
  • Sadness/Depression;
  • Anxiety/Nervousness;
  • Attention/Concentration Problems;
  • Aggressive Behavior; and
  • Oppositional Behavior (just doesn't listen).

This list is not all-inclusive and other difficulties can exist that impact your child's adjustment and achievement.

How does Evergreen BIC's process work?

We utilize one-on-one behavioral intervention, ongoing counseling, and psychological services to assist the child and family.  Trained professionals guide the process from the initial assessment evaluation and diagnosis through the creation of a treatment plan and the development of strategies to achieve the desired behavioral objectives.  Ongoing supervision and assessment ensure appropriate treatment plan implementation and progress.

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